Business Model

Our vertically integrated and scalable platform allows better control over acquisitions modeling and operating costs. Significant barriers to entry exist in the Bay Area real estate market:

Constrictive new home / existing home construction permitting processes

External regulatory conditions (Municipal and State)

High cost of living and taxes

Land (Rising Cost and Diminishing Space)

Our competitive strengths lie in our acquisition strategy, value-add analysis, and proven asset management capabilities. Our experienced management team continues to be an industry innovator. We strive to provide quality homes in high growth markets with low supply, superior property management, and effective revenue growth through concentration of increasing margins. We maintain a strong and flexible balance sheet and financial discipline through market volatility by focusing on the rents. It should be noted that as we continue to expand, our strategy creates a noticeable depression on the NOI of newly acquired properties. Profits are realized typically after the first year of stabilized operation.

Our core competencies have not only been in finding and adding value but also relating to the communities and tenants we are involved with. We have made significant strides to improve the quality of life of tenants and we have made efforts to become the stepping stone for tenants to become homeowners themselves. Sources: “Bay Area Real Estate Markets Survey.” Compass,

Investment Strategies

Investment StrategiesInvestment StrategiesInvestment StrategiesInvestment StrategiesInvestment Strategies

Value Add

Our core business model is centered around successfully acquiring underperforming assets in key desirable markets. Post acquisition, our team excels in increasing value and managing the assets. The firm will then look to harvest equity by sales or financing.

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We believe that intellectual and human capital is essential to future growth.

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