Founder & CEO

Saef Elder

Born and raised in Oakland California, Saef Elder has always been inquisitive and ahead of the curve. At age 15. Mr. Elder graduated high school to pursue his studies in medicine. Mr. Elder completed his medical degree in 2004 and started his residency at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Downtown Miami. In 2006, Mr. Elder saw opportunities emerging in real estate and decided to make the bold transition of managing the operations of his family’s real estate holdings.

At the initial stages of Mr. Elder’s tenure, the family had modest real estate holdings in Berkeley. Mr. Elder saw an opportunity in the Great Recession of 2008, to implement an acquisition strategy that has allowed the company to procure hundreds of undervalued single-family homes throughout one of the most desirable real estate markets in America.

Saef is currently the CEO and manager of Elder Real Estate Fund.

“The fund continues to purchase SFR’s in the Bay Area and is still income and value driven. However, the fund has begun to gravitate towards MFR’s in the Bay Area. The fund expects to purchase one MFR every quarter to meet current growth expectations. Our team, has found opportunities in under-capitalized MFR’s and has been successful in increasing value with rental increase to market rents and capital expenditures.”

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Chief Operation Officer - Vice President

Eymad Elder

Eymad Elder is Vice President of Operations for Elder Real Estate Fund. Mr. Elder earned a degree in Finance from Sonoma State University. After obtaining his degree, Mr. Elder began working with his brother, Saef to plant the seeds for what has become the Elder Real Estate Fund. In his time with the firm, he has leased company homes to 1000’s of Bay Area individuals and families. Eymad has also streamlined material costs, developed relationships with vendors, and supervised countless remodels. Eymad is a licensed California Real Estate Agent.

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Chief Financial Officer

Julian Endonila

Julian Endonila is Elder Real Estate Fund’s Chief Financial Officer. Mr. Endonila has broad responsibility over the firm’s finance and operation functions. Since joining the Elder Family Office in 2013, he has had experience in a broad range of investments and businesses.

Mr. Endonila received a BS in Finance from Chico State. He is an active member of the community, serving on the De La Salle Alumni Association.

General B Lic #: 1065251

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Chief Investment Officer

Yousef Abukhdair

Yousef Abukhdair is the Chief Investment Officer for the Elder Real Estate Fund, where Mr. Abukhdair supervises and procures the firms acquisitions as well as forecasting the short- and long-term strategy for each acquisition.  

Mr. Abukhdair has a background in Personal wealth management, including positions with JP Morgan Chase and Citibank where he worked with a diverse clientele from across the globe, searching for prudent and sustainable growth. In the 3 years, Mr. Abukhdair has been with the Elder Real Estate Fund, the firm has nearly tripled its acquisitions and is now one of the single largest residential property owners in Northern California, with over 700 properties and units in its portfolio.

Mr. Abukhdair earned dual bachelor’s degrees from the University of California, Los Angeles in Political Science with an emphasis on International relations and History.

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Director Of Operations

Justin Tejada

Justin Tejada graduated from California State University, Sacramento after attaining degrees in both Political Science and Journalism. While completing his academic studies, Mr. Tejada interned in the Newsroom of Governor Schwarzenegger in 2010. Mr. Tejada has flourished with the Elder Real Estate fund and is now the Director of Operations. Mr. Tejada’s job function includes the global responsibility of the company’s administrative and legal affairs and acts as lead transaction coordinator for all of its real estate investments.

Mr. Tejada is the former President of the Omega Phi Zeta multicultural fraternity and former Finance Chair of the Sacramento-branch of the United Sorority and Fraternity Council. An avid outdoors enthusiast, he enjoys backpacking and fishing trips.

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Financial Controller

Paul Martin

Paul has served as Financial Controller of Elder Real Estate Fund since January of 2012.  Paul previously worked with other real estate investment funds and multinational enterprises where he was responsible for financial planning, tax, accounting, and related areas.  Paul has a BS in Finance & Accounting and a MSIS in Business Analytics; both from the University of San Francisco.  Paul is a licensed California Real Estate Broker.

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Senior Accountant

Noel Esguerra

Noel Esguerra operates as the Senior Accountant for Elder Real Estate Fund. Mr. Esguerra graduated from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics. In 2015, Mr. Esguerra earned his Master’s degree in Business Administration from California State University, Sacramento. While handling all of the day to day accounting for the Elder Real Estate fund, Mr. Esguerra is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Accounting in pursuit of his CPA designation.

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